Becoming an MOI Teacher

Becoming an MOI Teacher:

We feel honored to receive so many inquiries related to becoming a mindfulness instructor for MOI. That people appreciate our organization and the work we do so much they want to join our ranks and help us achieve our mission is extremely validating, and we thoughtfully consider each inquiry.

Mindfulness Outreach Initiative selects teachers by invitation. Our first consideration is the commitment to and consistency of an individual’s personal insight meditation practice. To offer appropriate guidance, a teacher must have a well-established practice of his or her own and be able to readily call on that experience when assisting others with their practice. We also consider the extent to which an individual’s personal practice is supplemented with study, attendance of weekly classes and retreats, and efforts to serve the community.

If you’re interested in becoming a teacher for MOI, we invite you to first become a member of our mindfulness community. Gain familiarity with our approach to mindfulness instruction through taking classes and attending retreats while also committing to a daily personal sitting practice. If a desire to teach comes from this foundation of practice, study, and community involvement, we will help you consider an appropriate role as member of the Mindfulness Outreach Initiative staff.

We value our community of meditators, and we feel much gratitude when individuals express interest in becoming more involved with our organization.