Mindfulness Outreach Initiative offers a variety meditation instruction options and mindfulness training courses. Visit the home page and scroll down to the Our Services section for information on classes, workshops, and retreats.

MOI offerings are funded using a deposit | value system. The intent of this approach is to make the offerings accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their financial situation. The income we receive covers only a small portion of our operating costs. Your contributions make up the rest of our budget. Additional contributions help support the teachers or MOI operations and community outreach.


MOI Meditation

The practice of meditation reveals inner calm and a deeper familiarity with one’s mind and heart. Classes introduce students to the fundamentals of insight meditation while exploring the various methods and related benefits of stillness. Foundational skills are reviewed to promote proper posture and breathing, followed by an introduction and practice period for techniques presented.

Class Days & Times – Tuesdays – See site schedule
Class Donation – $10


MOI Sitting Group

The MOI Sitting Group meets in Omaha at 3015 Pacific Street to practice Insight Meditation in the Theravada tradition. Participants are encouraged to have an established meditation practice: little to no instruction is given during the sits, seated meditation is sustained for 60 minutes to 120 minute sits, please arrive early – the bell to begin sounds promptly at the beginning of each meeting, tea is offered in conclusion to practice – participants are invited to share and discuss.

Note: Beginning or inexperienced practitioners can receive meditation instruction by attending the weekly Insight Meditation classes offered at MOI (3015 Pacific Street) on Tuesdays.

Meeting Days & TimesSee site schedule
Contributions – Donations are welcomed


MOI Book Club

Promoting education and personal insight through friendship and reading. Books selected focus on meditation, psychology, philosophy, self-exploration, and other areas of cognitive science. The group meets once a month in person to discuss and share ideas related to the current reading.

Meeting Days & TimesSee site schedule
Contributions – Donations are welcomed


MOI Movie Night

Movies are selected varying from thought provoking documentaries related to meditation, psychology, and philosophy to light-hearted feature films which inspire and capture the imagination. Participants and guests are encouraged to bring drinks and snacks.

Meeting Days & TimesSee site schedule
Contributions – Donations are welcomed


Guided Meditation Sessions

These calming sessions alleviate stress and anxiety introducing participants to relaxation practices that promote wellbeing and clarity. Through skillful self observation these embodying sessions can be tailored to follow the sensory component as a supplement to pain management. Meditation can be as effective as antidepressant drugs in treating anxiety or depression, but without the side effects, according to a study conducted by researchers from Johns Hopkins University and published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

InstructorMOI Teachers
Session Days & TimesAvailable Upon Request


Mindfulness Training Sessions

Training sessions focus on the implementation of techniques that promote mindfulness in daily life. Specific exercise and instructions provide participants with an experiential education of mindfulness and the resulting benefits.

InstructorMOI Teachers
Session Days & TimesAvailable Upon Request


Program Customization

Training session options ranging from daily, weekly, monthly visits can be scheduled. Classes can be provided in 30 to 60 minute formats and two hour workshops are also available. Classes may be held on site, a private room with enough seating to accommodate participants. Bundles: Four week program series consisting of hour long sessions weekly.

Session Days & TimesAvailable Upon Request


MOI Yoga

Mindfulness Outreach Initiative (MOI) Yoga Class – Classes are 90 minutes and can accommodate both beginning and experienced students. After a brief opening seated meditation, students will practice level-appropriate asanas (postures) designed to align and balance the body and promote greater mind-body awareness. During practice attention is placed on purposefully observing sensations within the body as they arise with equanimity. Sessions inspire students to develop their practice with patience and integrity as a moving meditation that explores unification of intuitive sensibilities and external actions moment by moment.

Class Days & TimesBy Appointment Only
Class Donation – $75

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